Real Estate Investment Seminar Series

Whether you are a 1st time investor or private equity firm looking to Add to your portfolio, we are here to Help.

The Real Estate Seminar Series was developed for:

1) The beginner investor > Series I

2) The experienced and financially backed investor > Series II

3) The international and out of market investor > Series III

Series I

The Real Estate Investment Seminar Series - 1st seminar is for beginner investors and is by far the most popular. We introduce a Glossary of terms that new investors MUST understand. 

An Investment Identity Handout will be available that will outline your personal investment profile - we will find your comfort areas re: price point, geographic location, timeline, and supportive circle of influence. 

Finally, we go over 4 property examples, their anticipated ROI and CAP rates. After the seminar you will be able to measure 1 property to another in order to determine which one works best for you and which has the highest anticipated ROI. 

Final benefit is that you will able to hold or even lead a conversation about real estate investment at your next reception or water cooler discussion after taking part of this seminar..

Series II

Series II looks more to mixed-use properties & commercial properties. This seminar was developed for the investor in the $1M and up price range. We also look into Joint Ventures, Tax and legal touchpoints.

Series III

Series III looks to out of market investment options and also International Investment options. We considers risks vs rewards and International Tax holding tax implications, currency fluctuations, landlord/tenancy rights and foreign buyer taxes in example countries.
shaun carson
shaun carson