Who is this Guy?

Vancouver's Luxury Investment Realtor

Managing Director- ilovemetrovancouver.com 

Regional Director - ilovefalsecreek.com 

Member - RE/MAX's General Advertising Committee (all Lower Mainland) 

Author -  of Real Estate Investment Seminar Series

birdie and bogey making machine - golf 

 powder seeker - snowboarding

ex tendy, now sniper - ice hockey

You don't need to swing harder to hit the ball further! 

I have come to realize the value of *QUALITY VS QUANTITY*. 

I see my relationship with my clients not as a short term transactional event. 

I recognize the mutual value we can bring each other in a sustainable long-term business relationship. 



Why Shaun T. Carson


When we have had the chance to sit down together you will know; Why Shaun T. Carson. Relationships that require trust are built on Professionalism face-to-face interaction. Meeting in person gives the eye-to-eye contact that provides the framework for mutual understanding and confidence. This is a two-way street for both parties to get excited to work together.


I bring a direct approach to success. We will talk about facts. We will talk about preparation, expectations and execution. I will ask the questions that will show you I have genuine interest in making great things happen for my Clients. Preparation and industry insight create the stress less environment..


RE/MAX. You have seen the stats. This is THE Real Estate Company worldwide. Premiere agents work with RE/MAX. All property marketing possibilities are available to RE/MAX clients. New innovations are available to RE/MAX clients. This is your opportunity to put the most recognized Real Estate brand in the world to work for you!

shaun carson
shaun carson

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